FIFA 17 fans Attention: This trick always scored goals

The simulation game most popular football has a “little trick” that will allow you to take advantage against your friends.

Astuce FIFA 17

If looking to become the kings of latest video game FIFA should pay attention to this tactic with which they will not fail in front of goal.

For lovers of FIFA 17 seeking to be the kings of the game, they found a bug that will make theminvincible.

Youtube user “Kosh” discovered a way to score almost always  when they are facing the opposite goal.

Imagine that 99% of arrivals that have the goal posts, end up in the back of the net. They would be beaten to his friends and anyone who challenges them to a match in the biggest football simulator.

According to the British youtuber, all you have to do is get to the bottom line.

“Kosh” almost indefensible discovered two ways to send the ball to the back. Whether calling a companion to approach in a corner or overflow to the line of lime and send the center.

The “gamers” must focus on reaching the ball out to that part of the field and press L2 or LT on Xbox PlayStation One.

The player who gets to connect the ball chanced in 99% of attempts, according to the English words.

So far, the video has youtuber little over a million views.

All you should know the FIFA 17

The set pieces

In one of the features that fans of football simulator was demanded changes in the set pieces. So EA Sports listened to his followers and now have corners, free or more realistic penalties.

For example, in the free throws, players can choose the position of the kicker, how to run or hit the ball with that foot position does. Meanwhile, in the corners, you will have a more accurate to choose the player who throws the ball or movement within the area making way. FIFA 17 Hack

Active Intelligence System of FIFA 17

Although the focus of the simulator are movements with the player are handling now the FIFA 17 will add importance to the game without the ball. With Active Intelligence System that introduced players now analyze the proximity of their rivals and the space they have, in order to increase the offensive possibilities.

In this way, they will realize the possibility for a pass and deselected. In addition, players have the ball they can make new types of forward runs.

Chafing take importance

Another improvement in the gameplay of FIFA 17 will be the importance of physical play. Besides the typical struggles, you can choose how to take the body to lose a ball or protect it.

Now, for example, you can cover the ball or hold her back to wait for your teammates uncheck.

The new licenses

In addition to retell exclusively with the Premier League and the Bundesliga, now the game will also have the exclusive rights of the League of Spain, except for Barcelona, which was acquired by PES.

Another new feature is that a realistic version of all the technicians of the Premier League.

The long-awaited mode The Journey

One of the great innovations and the most awaited by all the FIFA 17 is “The Journey”. In this new game mode, you can live the career of Alex Hunter since his debut in the Premier League.

Besides having to control the 17 year old in the playground, they must now do so outside. A new experience that allows you to be a player on and and off the field.


download pes 2017 bonus

All the players are not equal in PES 2017. Konami Japanese franchise promotes early players which it provides some favors. And for those who want to know what those favors and how to benefit from all the information is there. This year, Konami offers 4 different bonuses each with its specificities.

We will, through this article, present and detail each of the four bonus. Attention bonus “Early bird special campaign” is limited in time, you have until September 28 to complete the tutorial myClub mode, hurry!


Different bonus

Some myClub campaigns were announced to help players build their teams during the first weeks of the launch.


Early Bird special campaign

To qualify, you must complete the tutorial mode before myClub Wednesday, September 28 to 14 h 59 (UTC). The bonus will await users in their mailbox myClub and includes a player drawn at random from the 11 players on the team of 2015 UEFA and a special agent where Konami did not give more details.


myClub starter kit

fashion myClub pes 2017Pour receive this bonus, the myClub tutorial should be completed before the deadline, but without requiring a passcode. The beneficiaries of this bonus will find it in their mailbox myClub letters. This contains an agent FC Barcelona 75+ guarantees to have a player of team FC Barcelona with an average score of 75 or more, 4 Startup agents (one for each of goalkeeper stations, environment field, defender and striker) and a bonus of 10,000 GP (currency exchange for evolving team and engage players and managers) for 10 weeks.


To this are added other two bonuses:


digital pre-order bonuses


To qualify, simply for pre-ordering the digital version of PES 2017, the bonus is to receive the myClub mailbox. This pre-order bonus includes a FC Barcelona +80 agent that guarantees to have a player of FC Barcelona with an overall score of 80 or higher as well as a theme available on PS3 and PS4.



Bonus veterans

This bonus is available to players who completed the tutorials that have myClub PES 2016 and who also purchased PES 2017. According to their progress in the way of myClub PES 2016, players will receive a special agent PES 2016 to 2017 to have a guarantee player with an overall score of 80 or higher for those who have completed the tutorials myClub PES 2016 or even 2 times the special agent PES 2016 to 2017 for those with more than 2 players with top overall score to 90 (lev. thirty). The bonus is to receive the myClub mailbox.


While Konami did not do clear, everything suggests that the pre-order bonuses and Early bird bonus and myClub starter kit are cumulative.

Watch unending source of entertainment with film streaming

Android Vidmate APK

First of all, movies transport you to a world of make-believe, which is very important to de-stress and relax. Everyone loves to watch movies whatever their age may be. Vidmate has brought different genres of movies like drama, comedy, romantic, action or children’s movies appeal to different sections of the crowd.

Android Vidmate APK

But overall, the content of the movie you watch must be suitable to your age. Movies transport you to a world of make-believe, which is very important to de-stress and relax. Everyone loves to watch movies on vidmate whatever their age may be. Different genres of movies like drama, comedy, romantic, action or children’s movies appeal to different sections of the crowd.

But overall, the content of the movie you watch must be suitable to your age. Older teenagers above the age of sixteen can watch film 16 streaming which are ideal for their age group. You can also watch film en streaming which interests you and your whole family right at your home and there is no need to go out to watch movies.

Technology of streaming video has made film viewing enjoyable just like that in a movie hall.Movie watching experience has undergone a sea change with film en streaming. This ensures you can start watching the film right after hitting the download button without waiting for total download of the file. Playback is possible just as file opens and download and playback happens simultaneously. This saves a lot of time and money as you spend less on internet usage. Movie sites offer a wide array of films, which are certified as per content. Film certification boards of various countries certify the age limit for viewing certain films.

3D Movies on Vidmate

You should be cautious that young children are not around when you watch film 16 streaming.Film en streaming is very convenient as advanced technology allows you to forward and rewind within the video file. For undisturbed and good quality streaming you require internet of higher bandwidth. If internet speed is slow video quality will be compromised with. Streaming video files are perfect for playback and not for storing on your hard disk. Websites showcasing film 16 streaming are a treasure house of information. Not only movies, you can watch documentaries, short films, television series, music videos, videos of memorable sporting events and so on. Classic films by award winning directors are also available on such sites.Film en streaming is available in different formats. Starting from normal movie or standard definition to HD or high definition to 3D and 3D-Blu-Ray format – all can be downloaded.

The movie websites Vidmate have categories for old classics, movies by particular actors, movies in foreign languages etc.

Some sites offer original French film 16 streaming with English subtitle for pleasurable viewing. Sites for film streaming also contain popular games and you can download them for the extra kick.Apart from film en streaming various other means of entertainment are offered by these websites. You can read bestselling books and journals in e-book format. Sports and other entertainment programs like reality shows can be viewed with entire family too. For music buffs the choices are endless, classical, modern, rock or pop whatever be your choice you will find the list running long. Not only film 16 streaming, non-feature films and biopic are also a great favourite among viewers. Read the short description on the movie theme, learn about the cast and director and then select movies that appeal the most. Your wait for wholesome comprehensive entertainment is now over.

جدیدترین اخبار روز ایران و دنیا


با توجه به افزایش سایت های خبری و علاقه کاربران ایرانی به آنها، جستجوگر «خبر ایرانی» با هدف آسان شدن دسترسی کاربران به محتوای مفید سایت های خبری  توسط تیمی از افراد نخبه فناوری و ارتباطات ایران راه اندازی شد.

خبر ایرانی اخبار کاملی از محتوای روز و دسته بندی شده اینترنت را که شمال جدیدترین اخبار روز ایران و دنیا میشود با موضوعات ورزشی و سیاسی و مذهبی و تصاویر و خواندنی و سلامت و فرهنگ و جامعه و گردشگری و اخبار روز ایران و کامپیوتر و اینترنت در اختیار خوانندگان عزیز قرار میدهد.

«خبر ایرانی» یک جستجوگر و موتور هوشمند خبری است که بصورت خودکار ده ها هزار خبر را روزانه از سایت های خبری دریافت می کند و با استفاده از جدیدترین و پیشرفته ترین روش های هوش مصنوعی خبر ها را طبقه بندی کرده، و خبرهای مرتبط را در سایت های خبری شناسایی می کند.

یکی از مهمترین اصول اولیه خبر ایرانی توجه به نیاز کاربران است. هبچ کدام از بخش هایی که در خبر فارسی وجود دارند، بدون نظرات و ایده های کاربران به شکل فعلی بوجود نمی آمدند. ما به نظرات و ایده های کاربران بسیار احترام می گزاریم و به همه آنها به دقت گوش می دهیم.

«خبر ایرانی» وابسته به هیچ حزب و گروه سیاسی نیست.هیچگونه خبری توسط خبر فارسی ایجاد نمی شود و متن خبرهای دریافتی به هیچ عنوان عوض نمی گردند.امکان هیچ دخالتی انسانی در دریافت، طبقه بندی، پردازش و چینش اخبار وجود ندارد. به عنوان مثال جدیدترین خبرهای داغ که در صفحات اصلی سایت نمایش داده می شوند با استفاده از الگوریتم های مختلف شناسایی و اولویت بندی شده و به کاربران نمایش داده می شوند.

سایت «خبر ایرانی» به کاربران کمک می کند تا از بین دها سایت خبری و ده ها هزار خبر، خبرهای مورد علاقه خود را در زمان کمتری و براحتی بیابند. کاربران برای مشاهده متن کامل خبرها به سایت منتشر کننده خبر هدایت می شوند و این کار باعث افزایش تعداد بازدیدکنندگان سایت های خبری و همچنین افزایش رتبه آنها در مقایسه با سایر سایت ها می شود.

معیارهایی که برای انتخاب سایت های خبری تحت پوشش در نظر گرفته می شوند، عبارتند از:

  • تعداد خبرهای تولیدی اصلی توسط خود سایت
  • تعداد بازدیدکنندگان سایت و کاربران علاقه مند به موضوعات منتشر شده در سایت
  • امکان فنی فهرست نویسی جستجوگر از سایت خبری
  • تولید خبرهای تخصصی در زمینه ای خاص

کاربران می توانند آدرس سایت های خبری را جهت بررسی به آدرس ارسال نمایند.

Hello To Christmas! Games

Hello To Christmas!

Christmas is very excited looking forward to the day, especially in children. I believe we are familiar with Santa Claus thing, right? Once there was an old man , love of his life helping the poor people. Including one he helped three poor less send them to escape the three bags of gold were sold misfortune. When Nigulasi smuggle a bag of gold which gave one of the women, he put the gold from one of the windows thrown in, just falling into the wall of a scene in stockings. Thus, the ceremony on Christmas sock gifts home door to door method to go to the candy yo!

It is said that Christmas Eve night, the old man will be Christmas and his reindeer sleigh loaded with gifts ready to send point this year to show a good child, he will quietly climbed into the house from the chimney, gift stuffed in a sock hanging on the bed . So the children always put a strip of colorful socks hanging in the bed, and put a cup of hot milk to socks toiled beside Santa thirst, and sent copies of gift to yourself.

Each day a child can not wait to open the ceremony, want to know what reward.

To 1822, a Dutch missionary to spread the story of the great philanthropists of the United States after the American businessman to more specific marketing techniques, take advantage of this annual festival a highly publicized ad, a small fortune, Japan and other Asian States also rallied together to follow suit. So dress up Santa Claus to celebrate Christmas customs will gradually popular to the world.

The origin of the Christmas tree lights


  1. It is said about the sixteenth century, the first German branch of the evergreen pine furnishings to get the house, and later, the German missionary Madinglude candle on fir branches in the woods, then lit to make it look like the stars to guide people to Bethlehem, the Magi as two thousand years ago in accordance with the stars in the sky to find Jesus in general. Today, it has been used in small bulbs instead of candles.
  2. legend a long time ago, there was a farmer, on Christmas day met a poor child, he was warmly received child, when the child leaving off pine root into the ground, into a pine tree immediately, the top covered with a gift to thank the farmers kindness.

They usually colorful lanterns, wax, gifts or Christmas tree angel to install, especially living in the northwestern United States people, because the local rich forest resources, they will go with the family to pick a real tree as a Christmas tree. Many kinds of Christmas trees, natural pine and cypress trees, artificial Christmas trees, and there are white Christmas tree. Each of them are covered with an array of decorations on the Christmas tree, but the top of each tree must have a king-size stars, symbolizing the sinking, the stars guided the Magi found Jesus. But also in the tradition, only family headed to The Star of Hope can hang up, others are not pre-empt.

CSR Racing 2 is much better than the previous game CSR

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CSR Racing 2 hack will make your experience more exciting and more enjoyable. Unlock all cars and all the top items that range that you did not even dream of before! If you do not want to spend money for items in this racing game then this tip is perfect for you. Watch the following video to full screen.

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CSR Racing-Hacked

The downside of the game CSR Racing 2

A game of street racing that aggressively pushes players to make in-app purchases. It is virtually impossible to advance in the PC game without spending hours and hours on the first levels (easy) or buy upgrades for your vehicle. Players may not realize what they spend to advance.

Make your game easier with CSR Racing 2 Hack

It costs a lot of virtual currency to unlock better cars and parts in the game. In fact, it will take hours and hours of play to get. Unless you are using a CSR Racing hack, a cheat code or follow some tips.

Do you have enough to pay for every little thing in the game? and expenses continue to climb until you reach the point of no longer stop shopping or stop playing the game. You will do better to use this cheat CSR Racing works.

CSR Racing 2 Tip Top

Ladder Race Replay, the cool thing about Lader Race racing is the simple fact that, win regardless if you win or lose the race, you earn money. Certainly, results in losing a modest amount but you’re free to run against the same opponent.

CSR Racing 2 Cheats

  • Money
  • Gold
  • Gas (none)

Filename  CSR v 2.7

Enjoy the Hack tool and enjoy the game with the beautiful and cherishing graphics and vroom vroom like a Insane Racer.

One Stop Anime And Manga Shop

La Manga is on the coast of the Costa Calida in the region of Murcia and has beautiful weather throughout the year – Winter, Spring and Summer. Last, but not the least, you should pay money for those sniper models that are of durable quality and colorful games. Let’s talk about the types of websites in which you will be able to obtain Japanese manga for iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Nook and the other electronic readers. At the end the kids can trade items or buy each others item with the left over money dragon city hack 2016.

With this in mind, Goku, Trunks, and Pan traveled around the galaxy to recover the Dragon Balls and return them to Earth to see if the planetary-destruction effect could be undone, but during the journey, they encountered the first key antagonist, Baby, a survivor of the Tuffle race that was destroyed by the Saiyans. Math games for kids have jigsaw puzzles, monster games and numbers, brain benders and mathematical quizzes to entertain and engage the child in learning successfully. Cartoon Network’s Toonami programming block ran Dragon Ball GT from 2003 to 2005.

While there are various activities that result in Neuroplasticity, playing action video games is one option for children or adults who enjoy the activity. All an individual needs to do is to promptly read the latest articles and reviews on the sniper online so that he or she will be effortlessly able to get pleased his or her desires everlastingly. Uno de los villanos más poderosas de la saga Z en Dragon Ball, es sin duda Majin Buu, el cual pasó por muchas transformaciones superando los poderes de los saiyajin.

Tips on Asphalt 8 hack credits online tool

The asphalt 8 hack credits online tool is utilized to include free credits, stars and tokens to your racing game with the right device which you have intentionally introduced the online tool with surety to work. It is a decent cheat for all individuals who play on android and ios free. You can add free great things to the racing game with no need of asking specialists to escape or root your device.

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Along these lines, you shouldn’t surmise that the hack for this online tool asphalt 8 resembles other online tools distributed to you every day. Actually, I have not go over any working online device like this since 10 years. I used to imagine that there are no hacks for racing games on android until I discovered this one while making a quest for online tool cheats for portable. I connected it on my racing game and go all I each needed in the online tool with no need of feeling tragic ordinary once more. I encourage us to take this risk and begin making appropriate utilization of this online device in assignment of things to the racing game you use to play, if it is asphalt 8. Amid this will help you to realize that the online tool is anything but difficult to get go to with no disappointment connected.

Utilize the asphalt 8 credits hack online for devices shared on this article to end up the following super player in the online tool. That way you will be among those that will say it works and never crash.

You can check after the hack twitter page to get upgrades. Asphalt Xtreme cheats

Elegance at office!!!

People often remain very careless about decorating their office. Sometimes they stay very casual about the design, layout and other things of the office. But it has to be understood that an office should be like an office. And to make an office elegant and sophisticated, you should bring change in the design, furniture, and accessories of the office. Now you must be thinking why should bring elegance in his position? Why should it be decorated? You are thinking so because you are thinking yourself like a robot, who will go to the office in time and work for the whole day and after finishing the work come back to home and get ready for going office tomorrow.

Well, an office is not a place only for working. A person has to spend most of their time in working in the office. So people who work in an office need some recreation too while getting bored with working. They need some space apart from working. An office is a place of generating new ideas and sharing these with the people. So you have to be surrounded with a beautiful and smart elegance place to generate more nice and effective ideas.

executive furniture

So now the million dollar question is how to bring elegance and smart look in the office and what’s the necessity of it.

You can bring stylish look in the office just by following these things:

Changing the interior:

For a change, you can change the whole interior of the office after a certain period. Like, you can pick up the entire package of the interior for five or ten years period. Remember in the interior includes executive office furniture sets, wall paintings, fittings, etc. If you want to bring casual look in your room you can decorate with any theme or any planning. If you want to bring corporate look in your office, then you have to be aware of everything of the office. You have to design your office with executive office furniture, sophisticated wall paintings, etc.

Changing the color:

Color says a lot of thing about an office. So you have to be careful while choosing the color of the wall or furniture or file cabinet or ceiling of the room. The color should be selected with the expert suggestion and authorization. And also the color should not be too light or too bright.

Changing the atmosphere:

You can change the whole atmosphere of the office bringing some change in the office. You can have a vending machine at the corner of the room. You can also separate the smoking zone and play zone for the recreational purpose of your employees.

That’s all you can do for bringing a change in your office. And now you must want to know the necessity of bringing change at your office. Well, the reasons are very clear. You can say goodbye to your boredom in the changing atmosphere. Your social esteem will also increase for your beautiful office.

Clash Royale Gems and Deck Guide For Winners

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Cheats and tips for characteristics Clash Royale


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